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Every dreams about happy family and strives to find true love person. But very often men, as well as women have no enough time to start their searches. If you want to improve this situation, then you need to become a member of our great dating site, where you will have the opportunity to meet wonderful Tokyo women. We are an advanced provider of services, aimed at creating a family, implemented in Japan and abroad on the basis of its own highly efficient services.
It means that if you want to become happy, then you have to visit our dating site and find wonderful Japanese women for marriage. This is wonderful dating site that assists single men and women around the world in order to meet a matching partner. Only here you have the possibility to meet not only your future partner, but also to find the answers almost for all the questions you have. Our experts are ready to aid you any moment you need. And now we would like to show several ways how to make the Japanese girl a pleasant surprise.
If you do not live together and you have a car: in the morning, drive up to her house and wait until the beloved comes out. Put a rose on the hood and store coffee in a thermos, 2 mugs and sandwiches, cakes or fruit (if you know that she does not have time to have breakfast). On the way to her work, you’ll have the opportunity to breakfast together in such unusual way.
If a girl goes to work / from work by car. Prepare a large poster with the inscription like: "I really love you"! And wait for her in the evening with a poster in the hands somewhere near the road (of course, you need to be sure that the girl will go this way, and choose such a place where she will see you and will have the opportunity to stop). Also, stock up the gift or flowers that you will hand over when your beloved woman stops (let's hope that she stops).
You can continue to stun the girl with your originality and present a book where She is a beautiful princess, and you, naturally, are a brave knight. You can order such a book with your photos online.
Pocket Rose. Put a small rose in your pocket and hand it not immediately when you meet, but at the most unexpected moment.


Present your favorite woman a romantic quest. You can do everything yourself: cut a photo and make a puzzle out of it, and on the reverse side - an encrypted hint. A mini note in a rosebud, or in her cosmetic bag, and in the end - a cake hidden in the oven! Romantic quest can be also organized by professionals. If you are looking for an answer how to date a Japanese girl and spend a good time together, then this advice is for you. Every guy who loves his girlfriend at every stage of the relationship wants to please her and make her a smile.
When a guy tries to conquer woman’s attention, he wants to make her feel good. At a time when their relationship develops, the guys often forget to please girls, as the guy has already conquered beloved woman. Therefore, if you want your girlfriend to feel your concern at all stages of the relationship, use the following information.
1. Massage her. It's a great way to relax her. Just put your hands on her shoulders and use relaxing movements. Girls certainly love it, especially after a hard working day.
2. Do something unplanned. So you sit together watching the TV at home, and then you offer to spontaneously gather and go to a restaurant or cafe. Girls like pleasant surprises.

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3. Help her in her affairs. When a girl especially asks you to do something for her and you should willingly help her. It will make her pleased and happy.
4. Motivate her. Often girls have goals in life and they want to achieve them. For example, your girl wants to lose weight by 5-10 kg. On the way to achieving the goal, she will have keep diet, but this is not always easy without the support of the guy and her family, so be her support, motivate her so that she can achieve her goals, and she in turn will be thankful to you.
5. Joint purchases. Well, all the girls like shopping. Yes, many guys are depressed by the shopping, but if your girlfriend tells you for some period that she does not have anything to wear, just offer to go shopping together, her eyes will sparkle with happiness.